The course addresses the measurement and analysis of blood gas and its importance when managing a critically ill patient.  The interpretation of blood gas measurements and the subsequent required action by healthcare professionals can sometimes be challenging, and UniTeam has included this program as part of our CME course menu to provide healthcare professionals with a holistic understanding arterial blood gas.

The ABG course firstly covers the basic physiology of the respiratory system, the concepts of ‘dead space’ and ‘shunting’ and the resultant clinical conditions.  The course then provides a step-by-step process to taking and interpreting arterial blood gas measurements, and typical clinical responses to these measurements.

This is a competency-based course, focusing on essential theory with a practical approach to facilitate skill application.  It is suitable for healthcare professionals who are involved with ABG Interpretation and who require the knowledge and skills to undertake ABG interpretation.

ABG Analysis is accredited for 6 Category 1 Continuing Medical Education hours by the Health Authority Abu Dhabi.

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