Intravenous fluid (IV) therapy training is an important skill for nursing staff when deciding on the optimal amount and composition of IV fluids to be administered to a patient, and the best rate at which to administer them.  This can be a difficult and complex task, and decisions must be based on careful assessment of the patient’s individual needs

UniTeam’s IV Fluid Therapy course is designed to take an in-depth look at IV therapy. The course addresses the “7 Rights of Medication Administration” and refers to the 2005 Joint Commission report on Standards for Safe Medication Administration.

The course also provides:

  • A review on the purpose of IV infusion as well as different solutions available to clinician;
  • Nursing assessment and treatment for IV complications such as an infiltrated IV, phlebitis or air emboli;
  • A review of the signs and symptoms of fluid volume deficit and overload;
  • A description of common IV access devices such as Peripheral IV’s, Triple Lumen Catheters and Hickman Catheters; and
  • An analysis on the risks and benefits of using totally implantable ports, and explains in a step-by-step approach how to access one.

This course is designed to provide comprehensive information on IV fluid therapy with the emphasis on knowledge and skills needed for the safe application and is therefore highly suitable for health care providers where IV fluid therapy is within their scope of practice.
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