Most healthcare professionals know that pain is one of the most common reasons people seek medical care.  Acute pain has been reported as a presenting symptom in four-out-of-five physician visits, however in some settings, chronic pain has been estimated to be under-treated in up to 80% of cases.  As healthcare professionals working in hospitals and clinics, it is an expectation from your patients that you will provide them with adequate comfort and pain relief during their treatment.

Understanding Pain course has been designed to provide participants with evidence-based information and strategies for the management of pain, its pathophysiology, influencing factors of pain, assessment techniques, and best practice interventions. The course also addresses common misconceptions about pain and pain management.

This course is intended for all healthcare professionals interested in learning about pain and developing the knowledge and skills necessary for effective coordinated pain management.

Understanding Pain is accredited for 5.5 Category 1 Continuing Medical Education hours by the Health Authority Abu Dhabi.

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