Vascular Access: Venipuncture and IV Cannulation

No one appreciates a healthcare professional skilled in venipuncture or IV cannulation more than the patient.  It is a skill which is required frequently in hospitalized patients for a variety of clinical indications, and while obtaining vascular access is generally a safe procedure, it is not without complications.  Sometimes these complications are life threatening.

UniTeam have developed this course to provide healthcare professionals with the knowledge and skills required to professionally and competently access the most appropriate vein for the purposes of venipuncture or IV cannulation.  The course is tailored to healthcare professionals who are required to manage patients receiving IV therapy and who require the knowledge and skills to undertake venipuncture and the placement of peripheral cannulation.

Participants will learn the foundations for selecting appropriate equipment and to access veins with confidence. This competency-based course focuses on essential theory as well as a practical approach to facilitate skill application.

Vascular Access: Venipuncture and IV Cannulation is accredited for 4.5 Category 1 Continuing Medical Education hours by the Health Authority Abu Dhabi.

Vascular Access: Central Venous Access Devices (CVADs)

In addition to our Vein Skills courses, UniTeam has developed the Central Venous Access Devices (CVADs) course. The course is essential for enhancing the knowledge and skills of healthcare professionals who work in critical care, home care or long-term care facilities, and who are responsible for taking care of patients with a central venous device.

Central venous access devices or CVADs, is a broad term that includes many types of catheters that are inserted into and positioned within a vein in the body to deliver therapies to the bloodstream.  CVADs will vary, depending on the different conditions and therapies being applied.

UniTeam formulated this course to help provide the foundation knowledge and introductory information about central venous access devices including an overview of CVADs, site care and maintenance, infection prevention, complications, and pediatric considerations.

Vascular Access: Central Venous Access Devices is accredited for 7 Category 1 Continuing Medical Education hours by the Health Authority Abu Dhabi.

Vascular Access: Totally Implantable Ports

UniTeam has developed the Totally Implantable Ports course for healthcare professionals wanting to enhance their skills and knowledge in handling patients with Totally Implantable Ports.

A Totally Implantable Port is a port and catheter placed under the skin of a patient and is designed for frequent administration of chemotherapy, blood transfusions, delivery of antibiotics, intravenous feeding, or blood draws.

By undertaking this course with UniTeam, healthcare professionals will be able to enhance their knowledge and skills about totally implantable ports, including implantation and immediate post procedure care, continuous care of a patient with this device, and procedures for maintenance and management. This is a competency-based course and has a pre-requisite of successful completion of our Central Venous Access Devices course.

Vascular Access: Totally Implantable Ports is accredited for 4.25 Category 1 Continuing Medical Education hours by the Health Authority Abu Dhabi.

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